We believe, that flexibilities are crucial to enable the energy transition. In consequence, all relevant stakeholders, comprising of academia, politics and industry, researching and promoting flexibility solutions need to be united. By joining forces, we want to facilitate the exploitation of flexibilities in the energy system and contribute to a more sustainable power supply based on renewable energy sources and an increasing electrification of the heating and transport sector. Exchanging knowledge is inevitable for this goal. The establishment of a FlexCommunity lays the foundation for knowledge transfer and a target-oriented networking. 




At the moment, there is neither a systemic networking between the various stakeholders nor a commonly defined terminology or standardization. Many projects have developed or are developing technologies for exploiting flexibilities. Business models have been set up but rarely been realised. The purpose of the FlexCommunity is to tackle all obstacles preventing a comprehensive roll-out of flexibility applications.

The FlexCommunity strives to fulfil the following purposes:

  • Targeted and efficient networking between stakeholders and projects
  • Knowledge exchange and mutual learning
  • Align the terminology and communication efforts
  • Strengthen the cooperation in developing and implementing advanced organisational structures and business models including energy communities
  • Push for adapted standardization and regulation
  • Better understanding of the similarities and differences of the technical approaches


 Memorandum of Understanding

If you want to know more about the origin of our community, our goals and our mission, please click here to view the memorandum of understanding! The memorandum of understanding is a result of the first FlexGroup meeting on the 28th of April 2022.